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Commercial growers make sure their plants are healthy by fertilising little and often at the seedling stage with an all-purpose liquid fertiliser. This ensures high quality uniform plants.  The beauty of this product on a Commercial level is that it can be used on seedlings right up to mature trees.

The Millennium grow fertiliser they use Commercially is also available to the home garden market.  It’s a general-purpose food, which delivers a balanced package of essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and other complex organic compounds. 

To give your lawn an extra boost, Lawn Magic is higher in Nitrogen and contains a wetting agent.  For beautiful flowering and fruiting and healthy plants the same organic nutrient mix is given an extra shot of potassium and other nutrients that encourage root growth, bud and fruit development instead of excessive vegetative growth.

The Opulence Garden Magic range is also environmentally and Native friendly and the organic seaweed formulation also means that they not only help stimulate plant growth, they also help to strengthen plants at a cellular level which means that your plants are also more disease and pest resistant.

With a liquid fertiliser, fertilise every 2 weeks during the growing season.