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The lack of rain here in WA is set to continue for many years leading experts to now call it a Climate Change as opposed to just a Drought.  That makes it more important than ever for local Gardeners to create WaterWise gardens.
The Water Corporation website now features a list of ‘WaterWise Plants for Perth’.  The perfect place to find just the right WaterWise plants for your garden.
The plants listed are those that, once established, will flourish on one watering a week or less during summer. You can search by garden type, plant size, flower colour, flowering season or growth habit.  There’s also an alphabetical listing of plants giving all the plant details including a colour photo.
And while you’re on the Water Corps’s website you can find absolutely everything you need to know about creating a WaterWise garden from garden orientation right through to how and when to fertilise so that don’t waste water.  You can also pick up a brochure on how to create a WaterWise garden at your nearest Waterwise Garden Centre.
Some Nurseries now also use water use tags that have ratings to let you know exactly how WaterWise a plant is.  You can also ask at your WaterWise Garden Centre for some design tips, advice with choosing plants and more WaterWise information.
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