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The weather’s getting warmer and long lazy summer BBQ’s are just around the corner and while naturally you’d think your BBQ and al fresco area are a perfect match, it’s not always the case.

That’s right; there is a serious side to the fun of a BBQ lunch! Ninety nine per cent of barbecues are designed for outdoors and for good reason.  They don’t have the inherent protection devices to make them safe for indoor use.   You’ve all experienced the smell of vapors and fatty fumes coming off the barbecue – it is important for these to be dissipated as they create a safety risk. 

Al fresco is two Italian words that mean ‘in the fresh’.  Most barbecues are designed for outdoor use only so it is important that your al fresco area remains a true outdoor environment. Unfortunately, many so called al fresco areas end up as indoor environments, and therefore have insufficient fresh air for safety.

Your alfresco area needs to stay true to it’s name, make sure it’s lay out  causes no restriction to the free movement of fresh air to flush away any vapours or fatty fumes while you BBQ. If you have any doubts whatsoever, speak to a licensed gasfitter.

Enjoy your al fresco entertaining, enjoy your barbecue but enjoy them safely.