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Grasstrees and Zamias are very slow growers – about 1m every 100 years. Mature plants can be Centuries old and urban sprawl has placed the ancient species under threat.  The plants are protected by law and you must hold a license to remove them.

Grasstrees Australia recycle the trees by saving them from land being developed or cleared and making them available to the home or commercial garden.  Grasstrees are only found in Australia and all 28 varieties can now create a spectacular feature in any garden.

The trees are hardy once established and getting them settled simply means watering well two to three times a week for the first 12-months.  Once you notice new shoots growing from the centre of the plant head, you can cut back on the water.

Easy to please once in the garden, Grasstrees and Zamias do have some special needs when it comes to transport and Grasstrees Australia can arrange delivery to your site.  They can also plant your trees and even carry out ongoing maintenance.