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The thought of buying or building a house in the current real estate market is a very enticing, although scary thought, as it’s not an investment that you make every day.  So how do you know that you are really getting everything that you have paid for?

BSP Construction Consultants provide a range of services that will assist you in making the right choice.  Through a choice of professional construction investigation reports, the team examine all aspects of construction and report back to you in a clear, easy to understand format – and the results can also be delivered within 24 hours! With vast experience in the building industry Brad Porteus and his team can check out your home during construction or prior to you putting in an offer on an existing dwelling.

There are two types of report that are most commonly used by clients.
The first type of report is:-Pre Purchase building report.  This type is suited to any person who is looking for advice on the smaller things within a house that may cause problems in the future.  The second type of report is the:-  Under Construction building report that can be completed throughout the homebuilding process.  These are just a sample of the different types of building reports that BSP can complete for you by a skilled team of construction consultants.

Don’t let the nerves of buying a new house get the better of you, and be sure you are making a sound investment. Make sure that you contact the team at BSP Construction Consultants to support you through the home building or buying process.  Contact Brad or Mike on 9243 1159 or go to