Ross Tours - Root Barrier

Ross Tours
You may recognise Graham Ross as Better Homes & Gardens’ King of Gardening, but you may not know Graham Ross the tour guide.  In 1978 Graham and his wife Sandra started Ross Tours, a dedicated garden travel company specialising in group travel to some of the world’s best gardens.
Ross Tours runs regular itineraries to gardens and botanic sites around Australia and around the world.  All Ross Tour leaders are qualified Horticulturalists and despite his bust Television schedule, Graham still manages to take some of the tours, including the WA Wildflower Tour. 

All tours are geared towards the keen gardener and because they’ve been operating for so long, Ross Tours has established contacts with horticultural friends and governments in leading Botanic Gardens, private estates and museums. They can take you behind the scenes of the finest botanic gardens, private gardens and personal plant collections all over the globe.

Root Barrier
Trees planted close to paving, retaining walls and even your home can pose a real problem if their roots get out of control.  Large roots can lift paving or concrete and topple your garden wall.

Root barrier is a light weight plastic shield designed to form an impenetrable barrier against tree roots and against excessive moisture and damp. You can use it in just one flower bed, the length of your front wall or around an entire building.
It’s very simple to install, too.  It goes into a narrow trench (its only 75mm thick) dug around the base of the tree.  Such a small trench not only means less initial digging, it also means less refills.  Phone 9398 2595 for more details.