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08 9344 7044

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251 Balcatta Road
Balcatta WA 6021

Swimming pools are very much part of the West Australian lifestyle. A beautiful design, delightful garden setting, warm sunshine and sparkling ,clear water is just about the perfect WA setting for a summer's afternoon by the pool.

But what happens at your place when winter sets in. If you're like most people, you'll either continue to feed chemicals into your pool, run the filter just as long and keep up the general maintenance. Or the alternative…..forget about it completely, until it is full of leaves and debris, growing algae and looking very shabby indeed.

Well, the answer to both those extremes is a system called CHEMIGEM.

Produced in Australia by Pool Controls, Chemigem monitors and adjusts chlorine and pH levels automatically, giving you perfectly clean, healthy and comfortable water throughout the year. Chlorine and pH automatically controlled all day, with big or small bather loads, in heated, fresh or salt water - Chemigem lets your pool look after you!

Australia's long hot summers can turn many pools and spas into a serious health hazard, and winter can result in pointless chemical use and unnecessary maintenance time. But with Chemigem keeping consistent and correct chlorine and pH control you are assured your water is safe, and ready for immediate use, 12 months of the year.

Chemigem controllers feature all weather finish and maintenance-free electronics. They are fully guaranteed and backed by a nationwide service network.

And the word is spreading overseas too! The Chemigem system can be found in the UK, NZ, Israel, France and South East Asia region. Pool Controls has 18 years experience and more than 15,000 systems operating in both domestic and commercial situations in Australia alone.

So call Pool Controls for more information and a free CD-ROM or VHS videotape. Their phone number is 9344 7044 and you'll find the Chemigem showroom at 251 Balcatta Rd., Balcatta