Euroflex - Monster Floor Steam Mop

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Now it’s not that often, no correct that, it’s not EVER that Home in WA’s Melanie Camp gets excited about cleaning and if you’re in the same boat, you’re going to find that the Euroflex Monster Floor Steam Mop is a very exciting product!

One monster of a steam mop, the Monster Floor Steam Mop’s secret weapon is the fact that it’s the only steam mop on the market with an inbuilt boiler. This means the pressurised steam comes out is a lot drier and your floors dry quicker than with regular steam mops, making it not only great for use on tiles, but you can use it on floorboards and carpet as well. Over 5000 of these were sold on the first day alone, when it hit the market in the UK!

There are just so many benefits of cleaning with steam. You save on detergents and cleaning products, which is not only good for the environment and people with allergies, but great for your wallet. No detergents also means no streaky residue and a much shinier clean. Best of all the steam sanitises and deodorisers, because it comes out at 130 degrees it kills all sorts of nasty bacteria.

The Monster Steam Mop is so easy to use, its durable stainless steel boiler can be filled up using ordinary tap water, you plug it into the power and after just three minutes you’re ready to clean. It also comes specially designed with front booster jets that easily get into corners and skirting for a better clean. Being lightweight and having a 7.5 metre cord makes it really easy to use your Euroflex Monster Steam Mop in any room of the house.

The Monster Steam Mop also comes with three micro fibre cleaning pads which are machine washable and can therefore be reused time and time again. Plus, you get a special carpet sledge that attaches when using the Monster Steam Mop on your carpets. There are also different steam intensity levels and simply adjusting the level down means you’re ready to steam clean your floorboards. Whether you have floating or sealed boards you can really give them a good clean.

Euroflex is committed to making household chores easier, faster and less effort through the use of technology. Gee it’s so good to be living in the 21st century!