Rich Gro

Step one to a great lawn is to prepare the soil using a specialist lawn product like Richgro Lawn Marvel. This not only improves the soil, it also helps to feed your growing lawn and assists water and nutrient retention. Lawn Marvel can also be used to top dress your existing lawn.

We chose a roll-on variety of Buffalo called Palmetto which is ideal for shade or sun and maintains an emerald green colour all year round, it’s also a low water user.  Once the lawn is laid, it’s compacted to remove any air pockets and to make sure the roots are in contact with the soil.
Finish with a wetting agent like Richgro EziWet to help the water to penetrate the soil and to improve the efficiency of any fertilizers you might use.  Some wetting agents also attract a WaterWise rebate.
Fertilise every six to eight weeks during the growing season with a fully granulated fertiliser like Cresco Lawn.
The notoriously fussy Rose also gets a helping hand from a quality Soil conditioner that adds beneficial bacteria to the soil, improves the soil structure which encourages root activity.  Richgro’s Rose Marvel also reduces the incidence of fungal diseases.
And for great lawns and great roses, no matter where you live, you can get yourself a complete guide to a beautiful garden with Richgro’s Great Gardens booklet.  It’s free and it’s full of some terrific gardening tips.  Pick up your copy from your nearest garden centre or request one via an e-mail to