Rich Gro

With the right preparation your garden can survive almost any conditions.  The first step is to dig in a good soil conditioner like Richgro’s Organic soil mix to a depth of about 30cm.  This adds beneficial micro-organisms and bacteria to the soil and assists in water and nutrient retention.
We’ve chosen hardy plants that can handle the coastal conditions of this garden like Cordylines, Dianella and Flax varieties.
Add a little wetting agent - we’ve used Richgro EziWet which also contains a slow release fertiliser – to the hole when planting and finish with a good thick layer of mulch.  Lay the mulch close to the base of the plant but don’t let it actually touch the plant.

The last step is to apply a wetting agent to the whole garden.  You can use granules, concentrate or hose-on and that will help the water to penetrate the soil, reduces run-off from your garden and improve fertilizer efficiency.
A subsurface reticulation system from Earth & Water was installed in this garden.  It’s a highly water efficient irrigation system that allows for constant water pressure and includes self-cleaning outlets.  The central control unit can also be used to deliver liquid fertiliser or wetting agent to the whole garden.
Help bring your garden to life get yourself a copy of Richgro’s Great Gardens booklet.  It’s free and it’s full of some terrific gardening tips.  Pick up your copy from your nearest garden centre or request one via an e-mail to