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Peter Courtland



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Elders has been successful in business for almost 170 years now, they are the oldest real estate agents in Australia being established in 1839!

When you think of Elders Real Estate, it’s quite likely you’d turn your mind to the sweeping farming properties for sale and being specialists in broad acre real estate, Elders is the dominant rural real estate agent in Australia. However Elders Real Estate is also one of the biggest players in the buying and selling of residential real estate, which is good news if you want to make the most of their expertise when it comes to buying or selling your residential property.

A Geraldton resident since 1983 Peter Courtland from Elders Geraldton has been in the Real Estate Industry since the mid 90's and has won many awards for his work. Peter believes the secret to three centuries of Elders success has been customer loyalty, with many families having made the choice to deal with Elders from generation to generation. With this sort of customer loyalty it’s obvious Elders is doing something right!

Elders is certainly a strong company with a powerful brand. Recognised as a market leader of Real Estate throughout Australia, the Elders logo on any advertisement delivers a strong marketing advantage.

The annual growth in real estate for the Geraldton region to June 30 this year was upwards of 40%, last year it was 40.3% and with much investment in long term industry and infrastructure in the region any future growth certainly looks positive.

With such a strong future ahead for Geraldton and the Midwest, why not make the most of 170 years of expertise Elders when it comes to buying or selling your residential property?