Shire of Greenough

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Growing as the result of the salt laden prevailing winds which blow across the Greenough Flats from the Indian Ocean, the Leaning Trees of Greenough certainly catch your eye as you drive along the Brand Highway. In fact there are a lot of things that catch your eye as you pass through Historic Greenough and they are all a good reason to stop and check this place out.

Picturesque Central Greenough, formally known as Greenough Hamlet and recognized for it’s stunningly preserved, historic buildings, is just a leisurely 20 minute drive south of Geraldton. The Shire of Greenough is around 5 hours by car from Perth, or a convenient 50 minute flight into Geraldton Airport, which is co-incidentally owned and operated by the Shire of Greenough. In fact, the shire recently completed a $1million security upgrade at the airport.

Another high tech, future driven investment within the Shire has been the Alinta Wind Farm. The wind farm can generate enough power to supply the whole of Geraldton for a year. The green energy produced here displaces 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions produced by traditional power generation. This is the equivalent of removing 80,000 cars from WA roads each year and the energy produced at the Alinta Wind Farm in the Shire of Greenough is fed into the grid, supplying power to homes not only in Geraldton, but Perth as well.

Just down the road from the Wind Farm lies the beautiful Ellendale Pool, one of the many fantastic places to picnic and relax within the Shire. Whether powering forward to the future or simply providing a plethora of activities for the intrepid adventurer, from walk trails to surfing, wildflowers to fishing, the Shire of Greenough provides a lot for you to cram into a day. And when you do unwind at the end of it all, it could just be at the Shires free caravan park at Ellendale Pool!

So much of Greenough’s history is amazingly well preserved, the Shire of Greenough as a whole has so much to offer and it’s a great place to visit, work or live!