Camdon's Fine Jewellery

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Garry Clarke


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Unit 1, 1 Short Street
Broome WA 9725

Broome and Pearls go hand in hand and the Broome Pearling Industry generates around $200 million in annual exports. However, regardless of their economic benefits, Pearls are beautiful but there is one thing better than a Pearl and that's Pearl Jewellery!

Camdon's Fine Jewellery was born around the same time as owner Garry Clarke's son Camdon. In 1996 with a 5 week old baby and a very supportive wife, Garry quit his full time job and under the guidance of the late Marcus Diekman from renowned Perth jewellery wholesalers Dieckman Bros created a beautiful place to get Pearl Jewellery in Broome.

The quality of Broome Jewellery has an excellent reputation worldwide. It's the high level of excellence in the craftsmanship combined with the beauty of a Broome Pearl and the fact that there is just something about Broome, that makes Broome Jewelry just that little bit special. So special in fact that Camdon's Fine Jewellery has even had repeat business from overseas customers. People who have bought a piece of jewellery on their holiday in Broome have contacted Camdon's fine Jewelry and asked them to send more!

Working alongside Garry are two other jewelers at Camdon's Fine Jewellery, local Broome boy Craig Ahmaguchi and Craig Bowden who served his apprenticeship at Smales in Kalgoorlie. They're more affectionately known as C1 and C2.

At Camdon's Fine Jewellery they like to encourage you to be part of the process when creating an individual piece. You'll be invited into the workshop and your custom design jewellery won't be finished until you're 100% happy.

Whether you're planning to spend up big or just browse and dream you'll find the service at Camdon's Fine Jewellery is very friendly with no hard sell, Garry guarantees it.

Well you certainly shouldn't and you'll probably find you can't leave Broome without a Pearl in one form or another, when in Broome do what the locals do, get some Pearl Jewelry from Camdon's!