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Retravision are the electrical specialists, stocking a huge range of products from MP3 players to computers; microwaves to side-by-side refrigerators; fans to air conditioners; coffee makers to ovens and much, much more.

All Retravision stores are owner-operated and part of Australia’s largest retail group, which means each store has the backing and buying power of over 500 stores nationally. However, it’s not only about numbers and size - Retravision is committed to providing great service and selling quality products at competitive prices. In addition to its guaranteed lowest prices, Retravision also offers three and five year protector warranties, interest-free finance options and Technorent.

Buying from your local Retravision means your dollar stays here in WA. What’s more, Retravision is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Retravision Warriors, WA’s finest cricket team.
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All Retravision stores have a lot of everything, some even have a bridal registry. Mel discovered that when it came to vacuum cleaners, like the Electrolux Twin Clean. At almost every Retravision store there was a whole lot of these too. Fortunately however you’ll find all Retravision Stores boast a whole lot of friendly staff and this is just what you want to help you find exactly what you need!!

One fantastic vacuum cleaner available at Kambo’s Retravision is the Electrolux Twin Clean. This comes in 3 models – a standard, good all round vacuum cleaner, one that’s particularly good at picking up pet hair and a top of the range vacuum that comes  with two power settings and a remote on and off switch conveniently located on the vacuum wand. Each model has lots of sucking power with an 1800-watt motor. There’s extra long reach with a 10-metre cable. The nozzle innovatively attracts dust and dirt from both the front and edges sucking it in towards the headpiece – which is great for vacuuming up against walls, and the bag-less dust and dirt container is really easy to access and empty.

Another great thing in each model of the Electrolux Twin Clean is the twin filter system. When one filter becomes dirty, a light will come on and you’ll know it’s time to swap the filters around, activate the self-cleaning process and then continue on with vacuuming the house. Easy! Each Electrolux Twin Clean is fitted with Hepa Washable Filters which provides top grade filtration.

Take a closer look at the Electrolux Twin Clean, pop in to your nearest Retravision!

There are 50 Retravision Stores throughout WA, so there’s bound to be a Retravision near you!