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There’s been wide reportage on the acute shortage of skilled workers in Australia and the effect it may have on our economy and ability to compete internationally unless something is done about it.

In response to this workforce shortage, the building and construction industry in WA is leading the way with a number of initiatives aimed at attracting young people to trade apprenticeships as a career option of first-choice  
The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund, commonly known as the BCITF, with enthusiastic support from key industry bodies, the secondary schools system and TAFEWA, has introduced a number of new initiatives to encourage school students to pursue a career in building and construction.
The latest initiative is called Try-A-Trade which gives young people a first-hand insight into some of the building trades, including brick-laying, ceramic tiling and surveying. 

The Try-A-Trade program is just one initiative of the BCITF in encouraging our young people to consider a career in the building and construction industry as a very exciting first-choice opportunity

For more information, contact the BCITF on 1300 727 494