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The TERMI-MESH System is a physical termite barrier made from stainless steel mesh. It is durable, effective and environmentally acceptable.

Termites can squeeze through gaps as small as one millimetre in diameter. That's about the size of this diamond (w). The hole size of the TERMI-MESH barrier is too small for termites to penetrate.

Laying the mesh around the perimeter of a building.
Inset shows mesh detail.

Since the purpose of a termite barrier is to prevent the entry of termites, it is crucial that the termite barrier be flexible and installable in all construction types.

Only the TERMI-MESH System offers the flexibility of a fine stainless steel mesh - allowing it to be moulded and tailored to effectively block all termite entry points (in any construction method).

With TERMI-PARGE bonding agent the TERMI-MESH System achieves a secure and close bond to the building material. The TERMI-MESH System becomes a permanent part of the building and bars termite entry points.

Only high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel is used in the manufacture of TERMI-MESH barrier. This superior grade of stainless steel is widely recognised for its ability to withstand the ravages of corrosion and termite activity.

The TERMI-MESH System has set new standards both in Australia and overseas in providing effective and long life termite barriers without the need for worrying chemical sprays. It has been acknowledged within the building industry that the TERMI-MESH System is the best and most effective of the termite barriers available