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A little over 12 months ago, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus at Bassendean, embarked on a groundbreaking project headed by The Department of Housing and Works, which has quite simply revolutionised the way we deal with certain areas of schooling.

Mature age students who slipped through the cracks of our education system because they were homeless or in threat of becoming so, have been presented with another chance. A fantastic opportunity to return to the school system and prepare for their independent lives and avoid becoming a crisis statistic. 

This Community Housing joint venture between The Department of Housing and Works and non profit group Foundation Limited, is unique to Western Australia. Homeless young adults or those in very difficult home circumstances are actually housed independently with-in the school perimeter. These students would otherwise find it exceptionally difficult to achieve an education, obtain any form of employment and probably remain on the homeless/crisis treadmill.

The department of Housing and Works is committed to this model of community housing and as a result these 18-25 year olds no longer have the burden of homelessness being a barrier to education.

What a success story. The department of Housing and Works, Foundation Housing Ltd and the Cyril Jackson Senior Campus working together for the benefit of the community. You can find out more by visiting