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You’d probably expect a Norwegian to relax by kicking back in the spa or sauna, but you’re actually more likely to find them kicking back in their favourite chair.  That’s because their favourite chair is the Stressless Recliner - the World’s Best Recliner.
The Stressless Recliner secret is in the head and lumbar support.  Using the World’s only perfectly balanced reclining system the recliner automatically adjusts the neck and lower back areas for maximum support and comfort.  So it’s always providing the correct support for your body.  And that goes for any body because Stressless offers several sizes in each design.

You can also enjoy matching recliner sofas to fit the most difficult rooms and just imagine a theatre style recliner that automatically adjusts as you move so that you always maintain maximum comfort even when you’re on the edge of your seat.
Easyliving furniture and Interiors is the exclusive Perth distributor for the Stressless range and in celebration of the world’s best recliner they’re currently playing host to Norway Days where you can test-drive the Stressless Recliner whilst enjoying fresh Norwegian delicacies washed down with 5000 year old glacial water.

Temporary tourists during Norway Days will also get the chance to win a Stressless recliner.

Drop by Easyliving Furniture and Interiors and take the relaxation test for yourself.