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First-time property developers need to carefully consider the design and layout of each strata-titled unit and the location of their gas appliances so they are efficient and safe to use.

Energy Safety is a part of the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection. Energy Safety is responsible for the technical and safety regulation of all of the electricity and gas industry in Western Australia and promotes electric and gas appliance safety and efficiency.

The most important consideration for developers is to ensure that all gas fitting work is be carried out by a licensed gas fitter.  A licensed gas fitter will be aware of all the regulations relating to the design and location of approved gas appliances, in addition to liaising with the customer’s gas retailer and network operator.

When designing the dwelling and installing bayonet connections, thought must be given for the need for high and low venting - there are specifications for vent size and location.  The selection for either flued or unflued heaters will reflect the need for the number of vents required.  Flued heaters require a flue but no vents, and that is why flued heaters are now the preferred option for natural gas heating.

The installation of gas cook-tops must comply with standards in relation to the proximity of combustible material such as kitchen cabinets.  There is also a standard that applies to the location of range hoods.  And if a gas oven is specified, those models that are designed to be flued must be flued.

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