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This week on Home in WA Mel Camp discovered what could simply be the best value way to get beautifully finished pelmets in your home.

NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN - Variety Furnishings is a locally owned company which manufactures all of its pelmets here in WA. But best of all Variety Furnishings have an amazing and patented FLAT PACK 'Ready Made Pelmet' in a flat pack that are designed to be quick and easy to assemble; they look fantastic and are a really cost effective way to put pelmets in your home. While all those other curtain companies try to sell you overpriced 'boxes', why not DO IT YOURSELF and save dollars.

Variety Furnishings supply cost effectrive pelmets for your home. Supplied flat packed in the style and fabric of your choice or for thjose really handy interior decorators that want that special fabric you can buy them without fabric so you can cover it yourself; all you need are your window measurements- Choose a pelmet and take it home.

A great thing about the fact that Variety Furnishings pelmets come flat packed is that it makes them highly practical to transport and be cause of this they are great to load into your family car or even transport to where ever you are in WA, Australia… or the world!

Variety Furnishings is the only company that makes pelmets in this particular way, their innovative patented design is a stroke of genius and it means you don’t have to be a genius to easily get great looking pelmets in your home.

Forget running around buying up wood, and nails and glue and material and wrestling with fitting fabric, or even arranging expensive custom made pelmets.  All packs come with simple step by step instructions; it’s so easy putting these together that you will come out looking like a home decorator extraordinaire! 

Variety Furnishings also have special Pelmet Kits which come without fabric. Just name your size and select the style you like best and by following the simple step by step “Do It Yourself “DVD you end up with a beautifully finished pelmet in the fabric of your choice, that perfectly matches your decor. Because of the flat board design the DIY upholstering process is really simple; in essence you’re just covering a flat board which becomes a box pelmet – certainly a much easier process than 3-dimensional fabric upholstering.

Variety Furnishings Pelmet designs are so good they’ve even developed a system for the caravan industry. Their innovative 3 in 1 pelmet, venetian and curtain combo has seen them become the exclusive suppliers of window treatments for Trailcraft Caravans at the Caravan and Boating Centre Mandurah and George Day Caravans.

It’s not just all about pelmets either! Variety Furnishings Verse-A-Tiles are specially designed fabric wall tiles complete with wall mounts for easy installation, which makes them great to change around whether you want a simple variation to the pattern or to incorporate new colours entirely. Verse-A-Tiles don’t just make a funky feature wall either, they also act as very cool sound proofing for your home theatre and can even be used as wall mounted headboards for any size bed!

So for a bit of innovation, a way to save dollars and being your own designer in your home...give Variety Furnishings a call or call by their showroom in Malaga!