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Businesses invest a lot of effort and money these days to secure and protect their valuable products from inferior copies and fakes. Well this is a story about steel. Not just any steel, but Bluescope Steel whose 40 year reputation with their fine Colorbond product is so good, imitations abound.

Colorbond Steel by Bluescope wants to be sure you’re protected against low grade imitations for many reasons. Mainly, to make sure you get the quality you deserve, and to ensure you get what you’ve paid for. They do this by etching a high tech laser image into the steel so you know EXACTLY what you’ve got.  

The brand mark can be seen close-up and is etched into the steel without compromising the overall look or corrosion performance of the fencing or roofing material. Fences and roofs made from Colorbond steel have been developed right here in Australia so it’s robust enough to stand up to our tough conditions.

And with over 14 colours of fencing steel and the ability to mix and match rails and lattice, and 20 roofing colours, the range is vast and stylish. Home builders, businesses and developers alike prefer the safety, security and quality of Colorbond steel.

Just like any proven product, there can be inferior copies, and that’s why laser branding has been introduced by Bluescope Steel. It protects you by guaranteeing that you have the quality you’ve paid for – with GENUINE Colorbond steel. Contact BlueScope Steel Direct on 1800 022 999.