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13 13 58

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Over 97% of all new homes, that have access to natural gas by Alinta, in Western Australia are connected to the network. 25 to 30% of all new homes are built on the redevelopment of old lots. And you'd think that if the old property was connected to the gas mains, then your new dwelling would have no problem connecting as well. BUT, this is not always the case.

There is a lot of re-development occurring at the moment and much of this is undertaken by first time developers. In the majority of cases connecting to natural gas by Alinta is easy. Unfortunately many first time developers make the mistake of believing that because gas was connected to their old property, gas will be available for the new building. But this depends on several factors.

Before you build your home or development it's important to contact Alinta on 13 13 58 to find out if your re-connection will be a simple matter, or an unlikely or costly possibility. Your new development may be unable to connect because the mains gas lines simply can't be re-directed to service all premises of your new and separate multi dwelling Green title strata development.

And if the main access to rear developments is via a laneway, it's not likely a gas main will be able to connect to the gas line.

Natural Gas by Alinta is one of the most preferred sources of energy in the home because it's instant, efficient, controllable reliable and economical.
Connecting to gas IS easy, but in a very few cases there are some issues you should be aware of.
Don't forget that number to find out if your redevelopment will be 'cooking with gas'
It's 13 13 58.