We all know the cost savings and great range offered by Retravision. Everything from Fridges and freezers, air conditioners, washing machines, TV’s, audio systems and computers, And now we add the top end, magnificent DeLonghi coffee machines to the list.

This is the ultimate in professional quality coffee machines for your home. The DeLonghi super-automatic Magnifica range. They say super-automatic because it all happens for you with the touch of one button. This machine IS the ultimate.

The menu will memorise your favourite espresso from its temperature, the quantity of freshly ground coffee beans and even the amount of water for short or long coffees. Of course it has an automatic coffee grinder for the freshest of brews but you still have the flexibility of using pre-ground mixes.
It features two boilers so that while one is making the espresso, the other boiler is ready to produce steam or hot water. The instant frothing device on the 3500 makes creamy cappuccino with milk from it’s own milk container which can be detached and easily stored in the refrigerator, and as well as the automatic cleaning programme the Magnifica  Digital warns you when it’s time to perform the de-scale cycle so that your machine continues to work perfectly. 

You may never need to leave the house again. Thanks to DeLonghi and Retravision, you’ll have your very own cafe` right in your own kitchen. One touch DeLonghi fully automatic espresso machines.
Available right now at Retravision, W.A.’s largest electrical retailer. With over 50 locally owned and operated Retravision stores Statewide, there’s one near you.