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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



If you’re thinking of timber floors for your HOME in WA, especially solid timber fixed to a concrete slab…BEWARE! There are traps to avoid.

Eclipse Flooring & Blinds have been leaders in solid and floating timber floor in WA and their products and fixing methods have set standards many have tried to copy.

For a start, Eclipse pre-finished, solid timber flooring now offers a range of eight timber species, with Antique Rose Gum, Hevia and Jarrah recently included in the range.

When choosing your timber, supplier and contractor, remember:-

  • It is important to nail as well as glue to a concrete slab, as timber expands and contracts and you can’t rely just on glue to fix your flooring to the slab

  • Exclusive Eclipse machining has an off-set rebate in its tongue & groove profile that allows secret nailing. 

  • Eclipse timbers are kiln-dried to a moisture content down to 12%, beware of timbers that have higher moisture content

  •  Eclipse flooring is premium grade timber, meaning the colour is consistent throughout each plank. Lesser grade timbers, offered by some suppliers, may be stained to cover inferior colour strength 

  • Eclipse timber flooring is pre-finished, requiring no sanding, no added coatings, no mess

Take care when you select your supplier and contractor.