Builders Registration Board

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Jim Dalton



(08) 9476 1222

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10/18 Harvest Terrace
West Perth WA 6005

The Builders Registration Board (BRB) of W.A's Registrar, Nigel Lilley, spoke to Richard Repp about the current building environment. Approximately 60,000 building licences are issued each year and of course not all of them end on a happy note ! The 'boom' situation creates pressure for both builder and clients and transfers to subcontractors and suppliers, leading to increased prices and it can encourage 'second rate' workmanship.

The B.R.B. anticipates a record number of complaints.

These complaints are dealt  with by the 'Building Disputes Tribunal' (BDT) and fortunately only a fraction of the complaints would be of a serious nature, with most of them involving only a single item.

Nigel explained that if you do find yourself with a problem anywhere in W.A, regarding not only your home, but, sheds, patios, swimming pools and landscaping, then firstly set out the problem and advise the builder in writing. If you cant resolve it get a complaint form from the BDT, complete and forward it with a $27 filing fee and the BRB will try and arrange an inspection and provide a report and recommendations.

If you have a query or complaint of a contractual nature, you can contact the Builders Registration Board (BRB) and the Building Disputes Tibunal (BDT), at (08) 9476 1222 or by fax (08) 9476 1223.