What's New @ Retravision - Acer

If you love big screen tv’s Retravision is the spot for you. Retravision is our locally owned electronic goods specialist and the largest electrical retailer in W.A., with very competitive prices especially on LCD TV’s from Acer.

This is the fantastic Acer 94cm/37inch LCD wide screen TV.  This screen is high definition ready so the image just can’t be better. It has all the inputs and outputs you’ll need for audio and video sources for your home theatre surround sound. Headphone plug, teletext and the list goes on. LCD is also half the weight of a plasma screen of a similar size, so you can hang it on a wall with ease. The LCD screens burn on average 30% less power than plasma, and the picture …. is perfect!

And here’s the really big news. With one wireless connection, your huge Acer HD screen allows you to check your e-mails while watching your favourite dvd or tv programme picture in picture. You can have your e-mails in one corner of the screen to keep in touch with the outside world, while you’re at home watching a movie!
You simply press the one button on the remote to take you where you want to be. From TV … to Computer … to DVD … and so on. It’s that easy.

At only $3,299 from Retravision … it makes the plasma/LCD decision a very easy one to make.