Building and Construction Industry Training Fund

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What is the BCITF and what does it do?
The BCITF administers the Building and Construction Industry Training Levy that is a levy on all residential, housing and commercial construction projects undertaken in the state. The BCITF works with industry to determine how the funds may best be used to support the industry's skills and training needs. The Fund's mission is to assist the building and construction industry to have the skills needed to be productive in an increasingly competitive industry.

How does the BCITF use the funds collected through the levy?
The Fund primarily supports apprentice training through incentives to employers and group training companies. In 2000 / 2001 the Fund will provide around $5.5 in incentives to employers. The Fund also invests in the skills of those already working in the industry by supporting a range of skills training courses. This year almost $1 million will be invested in training for workers and business operating in the building and construction industry.

Who does the Fund help?
Most workers and businesses that predominantly work in the building and construction industry are eligible for support. Funding is available to assist labourers, tradespeople and subcontractors to improve their industry skills or business skills. All apprentices directly employed in the building and construction industry are eligible for BCITF incentives.

What are the two main ways that a business can take on an apprentice or trainee?
The two main ways that an apprentice can be taken on are through direct indenture (direct employment with an employer) or through a group training scheme (where apprentices are employed by a group training scheme and sent out to employers as required).

How does the BCITF support employers of apprentices and trainees?
The Fund provides incentives of $6,000 to employers, spread over three payments - $3,000 in the first year, $2,000 on the first anniversary of the indenture and a further $1,000 on the second anniversary. In 2001 / 2002 this third payment increases to $2,000 making a total of $7,000.