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TrueCore Steel by Bluescope Steel
The 'Blue' Revolution is changing the way we build !
Bluescope Steel have introduced TrueCore Steel and coloured its blue!

Light, Durable, won’t warp or shrink and is environmentally considerate (as it is 100% recyclable) and of course it comes with BlueScope Steel's 50 year Warranty.

TrueCore steel, used in roof frames allows the designers to span large areas without the need for columns or brick walls to strut off. The lightweight nature of the steel makes erection quick and easy and means less wastage on site.

TrueCore Steel used in the roof framing of the Plunkett Homes Display Home -the 'Millbridge Manor', has enabled the designers to create almost 80sq/metres of open plan living without the need for columns or brick walls as supports. The results certainly have that 'WOW' factor. TrueCore Steel by BlueSscope Steel.