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13 13 58

As an alternative to those messy and inefficient wood burning heaters, Natural gas heating provides reliable, economical, instant wrap around warmth and often at a touch of a button.
It is also more energy efficient which can save you a lot of money.

There are a few things to consider before selecting your natural gas heater;
Consider how big the space is you need heated. Is it a small space, a whole room, a few rooms or a whole house?  Your Kleanheat Gas House installers will measure the room [height of the ceiling and width] and come up with the right size heater for the space.
Things like is it a drafty room and is the roof insulated all come into play. Also, will the area need to be heated all day or just morning and night?

It’s important to select just the right natural gas heater for the job and there’s no better place to view the great range of heaters than at Kleenheat Gas House

All those days of chopping wood, mess and freezing when you get a couple of feet away from the heater will be over. 

Phone the Alinta customer info line of 13 13 58, check out Alinta on the web at or phone your nearest Kleanheat Gas House.