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Stewat Van Raalte



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If you’re a true blue Aussie and proud of it, may we suggest you started showing it?
It’s ‘where we came from’ – our history!
It’s ‘where we live’ – under the Southern Cross!
It’s what thousands of brave Aussies fought and died protecting freedom,  Australia – under THE AUSTRALIAN FLAG.

Australia Day is a great occasion for this, but you can show off your love and pride for this country EVERY day of the year with your very own flag pole and flag from Pennant House Flags, The Flag and Banner People.

This story featured the Patriot Domestic Flagpole Kit. The white powder coated aluminium flag staff is easy to install, and looks great. You’ll get all the bits in a little kit is the ideal and inexpensive way to have a flag at your home. It’s easy to install, it comes complete with every fitting ... even a pre-cast concrete foundation so there is no messy mixing required. You simply dig a hole and drop in the foundation and install the pole.

The flagstaff is the approved standard six metres high and flies the 1800 x 900 Australian or Western Australian flag. Like all Pennant House flags and banners, they design them to withstand the harsh W.A. winds and ultra violet radiation. From around $370 + GST for the total kit they are great value. Mention HOME in WA and they'll give you 10% off.

So there you go, if you are ‘true blue’…Get an Aussie flag from our very own WA Company. Pennant House.  For ‘sale or hire’ of promotional Flags, Australia flags and more…give them a call….9328 3700. They’re located at 12 – 14 Murchison Terrace, East Perth.