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Opulence is a Western Australian product made by a Western Australian company and it's specially formulated for WA conditions. The Opulence range of liquid seaweed fertilisers, plant tonics, and soil conditioners are all made from 100 per cent organic Bull Kelp one of the world's richest sources of micronutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Opulence is also enriched with a selection of macro and micro nutrients along with naturally-occurring plant growth stimulants, trace elements, complex plant nutrients, amino acids and vitamins.

As its name suggests, Opulence Complete Plant and Soil Organic Treatment is completely organic so it's ideal for use on your fruit trees or on the vegetable patch. It's also a great choice for organic gardens because it's environmentally friendly.

That also makes the Opulence range Native friendly and you can apply Opulence to the soil or to the foliage and, because it is a perfectly balanced treatment, you can apply at any time of year.

There's a range of Opulence products to suit every application in your garden from fruits and flowers to fertiliser for magic lawns. And every one is backed by know-how and quality that's been tried and tested in commercial gardens. You'll also be supporting a WA product that's supporting WA Industry.