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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA


Victoria Park East

After retiring in 1982, Colin Cave - a keen fishpond enthusiast decided to pursue what was originally his hobby of breeding Goldfish and Koi carp. He started in a small way at home and within 2 years he decided to get serious and bought a 6 acre property in Armadale.

Trading as 'The Goldfish & Lily farm', demand for his beautiful aquatic plants & fish grew and in 1989 he established a new retail centre in Balcatta. By 1993, public interest in water gardening was burgeoning and with the company now stocking all kinds of ponds, water features, aquatic hardware and accessories, it changed its name to Water Garden World.

Today, under the management of Colin's son Michael and his partner Geoff Lock, the business is recognised as Perth's leading water gardening specialist. Their Armadale property produces over 100 varieties of aquatic plants and breeds thousands of goldfish, Koi and Australian native fish, making Water Garden World a leader in its field in Australia.

Besides everything you could possibly need to establish your own backyard oasis, you'll find the staff at Water Garden World are very knowledgeable and helpful. They will take the time to explain the pro's and con's of different products and offer advice based on their own experience as keen water gardeners themselves. They even offer a complete design and installation service if you don't fancy doing the work yourself.

Water Garden World operates 3 stores, the largest being their superstore in Balcatta