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If you're a regular viewer, you'll have already seen some of the many benefits of the Eurogem range of steam with vacuum cleaners. If not, well, we're talking revolutionary cleaning technology that's efficient, simple and uses no chemicals.

The sensational combination of STEAM CLEANER and WATER FILTRATION VACUUM from EUROGEM, is the revolutionary, chemical free innovation sweeping the modern world. Steam utilises high temperature to soften the oils and grease that binds dirt into or onto surfaces like tile grout, carpet, ovens etc. The extreme pressure then dislodges the dirt allowing the vacuum to take away every particle.

This multi-functional, Italian technology slashes your cleaning time and with the high temperature of steam sanitising every surface as it cleans, you virtually eliminate the use of expensive and often toxic chemicals. EUROGEM appliances are the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical form of cleaner available to the discerning buyer.

The steam kills germs, bacteria, dust mites and other pests, so there's no need to use any costly or dangerous chemicals. This technology allows you to clean just about every surface in and around the home and office without the elbow grease, so its little wonder people worldwide are making the lifestyle change to these Italian-made steam and vacuum appliances.

There's a range of Eurogem models to choose from to suit both domestic and light commercial applications.

Give Eurogem a call for more information or to arrange an obligation free trial of the latest in simple, effective and sustainable cleaning technology.