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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Summer, it's about BBQs, enjoying the outdoors and staying cool in your pool!
This is the time of year to start thinking about getting your pool ready for Summer and this is just the thing to help your pool sparkle, thanks to Pooltime Home in WA has a Kreepy Krauly and Kleeva Kleeaner to give away!

Operating since 1969, Pooltime is a local family business and the biggest pool product company in WA. They're the only company in Perth with their own range of chemicals, pumps, motors, filters and chlorinators.

Along with their own range of pool chemicals and equipment, Pooltime even has workshops at every store where you can get servicing and repairs done to any of you pool equipment…and if you can't come to them they can come to you with any of their mobile service vans.

To help get your pool in top shape for summer Pooltime provide a free water analysis service whereby you bring a sample of your poolwater to Pooltime and they will tell you what your pool needs. The service has been developed especially by Pooltime to ensure very accurate results, meaning you'll only ever have to buy exactly what you need and not spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals to get your pool perfect for Summer.

WIN WIN WIN - Valued at over $1400

To win either a Kreepy Krauly or Kleva Kleena all you have to do is head to your nearest Pooltime and start stocking up on those pool cleaning products you usually need this time of year!

The Kreepy Krauly has a very thorough four way cleaning action; it sweeps scrubs and vacuums each pools floors and walls. Every Kreepy Krauly also has an Autoskin surface skimmer, which constantly removes leaves and debris from the water's surface and you won't need any extra pumps or plumbing, the Kreepy Krauly works when your pool pump works.

The Klever Kleana is a compact pool cleaner able to get in all the nooks and crannies of your pool. It's programmed to automatically maneuver around stairs, corners and ladders. It's a case of installing it and forgetting about it!

Over 2 million families worldwide already have Australia's Own Kreepy Krauly cleaning their pool and thanks to Pooltime you could soon be joining the club. Goodluck because a Kreepy Krauly or Klever Kleana could be cleaning your pool just in time for Christmas.