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13 13 58

1800 651 161

The Quadrant, 1 William Street
Perth WA 6000

How to get connected to AlintaGas

Four step connection process
1. First check if AlintaGas is available in your street
(call 13 13 58).

Did you know around 80% of the greater metropolitan area (including Mandurah) is reticulated with AlintaGas? AlintaGas is also available in Geraldton, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Bunbury, Busselton, Pinjarra, and distributed LPG is available from AlintaGas in Albany.


2. Then decide what you want to AlintaGas for - hot water, cooking, heating, barbecuing, or all of these - and then choose the right appliances to suit your particular need.

AlintaGas has an extensive network of AlintaGas Approved Retailers who provide a one-stop gas service from advising you on the best appliances for your needs to arranging the installation of them.


3. Once you have done this you need to arrange to get your gas appliances installed. AlintaGas can put you in touch with an AlintaGas Approved Installer to do this for you (or you may already have one if you've purchased your appliances through an AlintaGas Approved Retailers).

The first thing the AlintaGas Approved Installer will do is install a meter box outside of your premises to house the meter (see further information below).

He/she then sends the preliminary paperwork to AlintaGas, explaining what work will be done and what appliances will be fitted. This is AlintaGas' cue to start work on installing the service pipe from the main to the meter box .

AlintaGas installs a service pipe from the gas main in the street to the meter box. A gas meter will also be installed. This will occur within seven working days of AlintaGas receiving the preliminary notice from the gas fitter.

AlintaGas takes every care to minimise disruption to lawns and gardens. Reinstatement of paved areas, paths, and driveways is the owner's responsibility. AlintaGas will backfill trenches.

The Approved Installer then installs the pipework inside your house, and installs the appliances(s). He/she then tests, turns on the gas, and commissions the appliances(s) ready for use.


4. Once your Approved Installer advises you that's it's all ready to go, you then need to call AlintaGas on 13 13 58 to open your account. And then you're ready to start enjoying the benefits of AlintaGas.

Further information

Gas meter/meter box:
The gas meter is usually located in a metal meter box at the front of your house or property (it is usually installed by the builder or by a gas fitter). It may be in a gas-only meter box or a combined gas/electric meter box. The gas meter remains AlintaGas' property. AlintaGas is responsible for maintaining it as well as the service pipe which brings the gas in from the gas main in the street to the meter on your property.

To protect your gas meter and gas service we recommend the following tips:

Never store anything in or on your meter box
Anything flammable, including garden mulch, should be kept a minimum of 1 metre away from the meter box
Always keep the area around the meter box (1 metre) clear at all times)
If gardening near the meter box, be aware of the service line into the meter.
AlintaGas' meter readers require easy access to the meter so a regular reading can be taken. We must also be able to access your meter in case of any emergency where the gas needs to be turned off. Meters should be located in a position where they are not obstructed by fences, garage doors, shrubs, or guarded by dogs.

If your meter is situated behind a locked gate, or you wish to lock your meter box, you must use an AlintaGas approved lock such as a WAS lock. A WAS lock (Western Australian Services lock) is a lock for gates and meter boxes, enabling common key access for AlintaGas, Western Power, and the Water Corporation. They can be purchased from selected locksmiths.

AlintaGas contact:
Terry Hamilton 94863354
Susan Dixon 94863386