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We all love to enjoy our pools and spa's at this time of the year. But there is an alarming and chilling downside to this seemingly innocent leisure activity The potential for the loss of a child's life.

Drowning in swimming pools is the single largest cause of death in children aged 5 and under. Every week in Australia, one child under the age of 5 drowns. And for every drowning, approximately another 6 will be admitted to hospital through an immersion incident

The W.A. Government, through The Department of Housing and Works, is committed to ensuring pools are a safe place for fun and relaxation. The deadline for an amendment to building regulations which requires all swimming or spa pools approved before 1992 to have a barrier between the residence and the pool, expires December 17 2006.

But barriers alone are not enough. The Department of Housing and Works in association with The Royal Life Saving Society of Australia and the Keep Watch programme, recommends some simple but effective strategies.
These strategies have been incorporated in the "Rules for Pools" booklet.

Rules for Pools is essentially a guide to your legal responsibilities and a checklist for the pool owner or user. The minister for Housing and Works, The Honourable Francis Logan, launched the booklet and urges us all to read it.

Mark Gubanyi can illustrate all too well the need for approved pool fencing. Mark, lost a precious daughter in a pool drowning incident, and confirms that the small cost of complying with the legislation is such a small price to pay to save a child's life.

Having a pool is not just a right It's a responsibility.

Access The Department of Housing and Works "Rules for Pools" booklet on or call the department direct on 9222 4563