Eco Screen Plastic Lattice

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It's that time of year when you start looking at all the jobs that needs doing around the home, inside and out.

We've all used a panel or two of timber lattice at some stage, to run a creeper or climbing plant or as a privacy screen from next door. But chances are it's rotten, falling apart, needs yet another coat of paint or has been attacked by white ants.

Well Eco Screen is a fabulous alternative to timber, while still retaining the lattice appearance and desired effect. Eco Screen is a plastic lattice made from recycled materials. It won't rot, never needs painting and has no appeal whatsoever to termites. It's easy to use and cuts to any size and comes in a range of colours that will match your Colorbond building products like roofing, gutters and fences. Additionally, it comes in a kit form with Colorbond matching channels that snap on to the end cuts, to give a professional and neat finish.

Eco Screen's uses are endless. As a dividing fence, privacy screen, carport, patio infill, creeper climber... even as a pool fence. This is a great product for do it yourselfers and is really easy to erect.

You'll find Eco Screen lattice at all leading hardware and lattice stores... and it comes with a with a 15 year warranty as well. What a bonus!! And it's guaranteed to add years of worry free enhancement to any house or garden area.