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The Department of Housing and Works has a large umbrella of services, helping a broad cross section of our community. In order to promote and provide opportunities for Aboriginal training and employment, the Department has added an Aboriginal enterprise and employment tender preference to its tender process for Homeswest contracts. The tender preference provides broad and comprehensive preferences for enterprises that employ, or are owned and operated by Aboriginal residents of Western Australia; contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, trainees and employees.

The tender preference is in place to support and promote Aboriginal enterprises and provide employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal people who are strongly encouraged to participate in this scheme.

Danny Ford, Executive Director Aboriginal Housing and Infrastructure Directorate, says The Aboriginal Enterprise Preference requires recipients to be Aboriginal, employ Aboriginal people, or be in a joint venture with Aboriginal people.

The term Aboriginal Employer is defined as any legal entity that employs any Aboriginal person, including an apprentice or a trainee, and an Aboriginal Enterprise may be wholly or partly owned, no less than 50%, by an Aboriginal person or Torres Straight Islander.

By the way, Phil Matera of West Coast Eagles fame is just one of the many enterprises to be assisted by the scheme. Phil's building company Matera Electrical Services is a great supporter of the incentive and acknowledges its importance.

For information on how you can be involved contact
Aboriginal Housing and Infrastructure on 1800 621 826