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Martin's Retro pears in Red Wine

There's nothing like going to a supermarket, walking into the fresh produce section, knowing everything in fresh 4 just about everything is locally grown. Well that's what ACTION SUPERMARKETS are very proud of.

And spring time it's things like pears from Donnybrook. And wonderful local products like Whittington's spices,…
the dessert…Retro's Pears in Red Wine MMMM…!

Martin's Retro pears in Red Wine

You will need a 7 ltr pressure cooker available from The Pressure Cooker Centre, 337 Rokeby road Subiaco
Ask for Chantal and tell her Martin sent you! - enquires welcome tel 9388 7797


6 peeled green pears
1 vanilla pod
2 cloves
150 grams castor sugar
1 wineglass of good red wine (Treehouse Shiraz is recommended - of course!)


Add the red wine, sugar, vanilla and cloves in your pressure cooker swirl on a low heat until sugar dissolves.
Place the peel pears in the pressure cooker pop on the lid and cook on medium heat for 5 to 7 minutes (depending how big the pears are) this dessert is best made 1 day before serving.
Serve with vanilla ice cream.