Bluescope / Highline Water Tanks

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9 Felspar Street
Welshpool WA 6106

Beginning back in 1976 as an idea to build a farm shed better than any available on the market at the time Highline has gone on to become one of WA's leading manufacturers of farm sheds, water tanks, garages, patios, garden sheds, fencing and commercial projects

With a 5 hectare production site in Welshpool the Western Australian owned business has grown from its two original and remaining founding partners to employing 160 people.

Highline has always designed, manufactured and erected both residential and commercial products from the humble garden shed to commercial buildings like their new multi million-dollar administration office in Welshpool. The entire building including offices and warehouse doubles up as commercial display property where customers can take a look and get ideas for their own building.

While the traditional corrugated iron tank is certainly a bit of an Aussie icon, Highline has bought it into the 21st Century. All Highline's tanks are manufactured from durable, fully corrugated Bluescope steel products in a full range of Bluescope Colorbond colours. Bluescope Aquaplate has proven to be ideal for water tank construction because of its longevity and resistance to corrosion and ultra violet penetration.

Whether it's for commercial use, for the farm or for pure, fresh and free water for you or your plants to drink at home all tanks come with at least a 10-year warranty.

Highline have really set the benchmark when it comes to Garages. You can choose from one of their many standard designs, or have your garage tailor-made it to suit your specific requirements. Meaning you can get the right size, colour, windows, roller or sliding doors, you can even arrange for skylights.

Of course a natural step from quality garages is the range of backyard workshops, toolsheds, hobby and garden sheds that are available. All ready for supply and erect by Highline and all made with quality, strength and value in mind.