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Kerrie & Tony Carr


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(08) 9923 3827

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2427 Chapman Valley Road
Yetna WA 6532

Salinity, it's the greatest environmental threat facing Western Australia's agricultural areas and trees are part of the solution!

Way back in 1902, 8000 ha of trees in the Mundaring Weir catchment were cleared to maximize run-off, this in turn increased salinity in the weir, and in 1909 it was recommended that re-growth be encouraged and replanting undertaken. Consequently, salinity levels fell.

So where do you go when you need trees? A tree farm of course! And if you're in the Mid West the place for trees is Yetna Farm Tree Nursery.

15 years ago, after retiring from broad acre farming, Kerrie and Tony Carr purchased "Yetna Springs". Back then the property had just 2 paddocks, cattle yards and ironically just one tree! Over the years Yetna Farm Tree Nursery has grown considerably, from producing 1500 seedlings in their first year to being on track to grow 200 000 seedlings for 2006. Just this year the nursery supplied 18 000 seedlings to the new Southern Corridor project in Geraldton.

Farmers and Landowners represent a large percentage of Yetna Farm's clientele, with orders being placed up to six months in advance.

Their three varieties of Red River Gums have proven to be the most popular re-vegetation species with landowners, and along with this Yetna Farm Tree Nursery have a catalogue of 96 different species of trees and understorey species on offer. This includes a variety of salt tolerant species suitable for re-vegetating areas that have been affected by salinity.

At Yetna Farm seedling are grown in a larger cell tray than many other nurseries. The advantage of this being the bigger root ball on the seedlings, this enables the seedling to be planted deep into the soil away from the drying effects of the sun & wind and therefore increasing the seedling's survival rate.

All Yetna Farms shade houses have a roll up roof system which is raised when seedlings are mature enough to cope with direct sunlight. This 'sun hardening' is yet another way Yetna farm can guarantee an increased survival rate of their seedlings.

The rapid development within Geraldton and its surrounding districts over the last few years has seen an increase in demand from local homeowners for native plants. It's this demand that led Yetna Farm open this garden centre.

Yetna Farm Tree Nursery also provides a number of different fruit, nut and olive trees in both domestic and commercial quantities, with all sorts of different varieties available on request.

Plus, being accredited through the Nursery Industry Association Scheme of Australia means you're guaranteed healthy, disease free plants.

So for trees, visit Yetna Farm Tree Nursery in the scenic Chapman Valley.