ReadyMix - Geraldton

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Neil McIlwaine



08 9964 3888

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Flores Road
Geraldton WA 6530

The name 'Readymix Concrete' is a name synonymous with this big state of ours. Just take the Windfarm Project, recently completed in the Mid-West, where Readymix Concrete, along with Crothers Construction, played an important role in supplying the huge concrete bases/footings for the 80 metre high towers to be bolted too.

But in Geraldton itself, Readymix Concrete is also playing a key role in the Backyard as well....Now the boring grey concrete driveway can be replaced with exposed aggregate concrete, with colours to match almost any creative flair, and great for the outdoor area especially around the pool, where a non slip finish is needed..Coloured concrete is also popular around the patio and landscaping, with pathways through the garden, making a great alternative to brick paving.

More recently 'Polished Concrete' has made its mark on architecturally designed Cafes and Restaurant's, but now Readymix Concrete make it available for anyone in the Mid-West Region and also throughout the state and can hook you up with the contractors to make a real statement either inside your home or out ! AND the best part about it is - NO WEEDS and NO PESKY ANTS NESTS !!!

Make sure you check out the Display at Readymix Concrete in Flores Road, Geraldton, or call them on 99643 888.