Eagle Vale Olives

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Leanne Bunter



08 9920 5285

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0427 381 649

PO Box 354
Geraldton WA 6531

Established in 1995, Eagle Vale Olives is a family business, producing their own range of high quality extra virgin olive oils, pickled olives and tapenades from the olives they grow themselves in Chapman Valley.

Our Mediterranean climate and absence of olive pests and diseases makes the region ideal for olive growing. Because they're made right here in WA Eagle Vale extra virgin olive oils are fresher and tastier for longer. Some imported olive oils can already be years old by the time they reach your pantry!

The proof of freshness is in the tasting, and not only does the oil taste great on its own, s freshness and flavour also make it ideal for cooking and salads. And if you're an olive lover like me, you'll also be impressed by the range of pickled olives and tapenades. There are eight varieties of pickled olives and two tapenades to choose from and they're all from a truly home-grown recipe.

You can get a taste of Eagle Vale Olives and olive oils at your nearest country Argricultural Show and at this year's Perth Royal Show in the Robinson Pavillon.

And once the newly completed pickling and processing shed is up and running, the family's next project will be to make tastings available here. If you'd like to try the fruit of Eagle Vale's labour before then, follow the link for a full list of stockists or to place an order online.