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What are your options to replace a HWS before it breaks down?
AlintaGas offers its customers, or those who are considering connecting to AlintaGas, the AlintaGas Extended Payment. If your broken hot water system is electric, wood, solar or other energy source AlintaGas can arrange a fast changeover to natural gas, (plus free connection to AlintaGas - conditions apply).

The AlintaGas Extended ayment allows you to pay the total cost of your hot water system changeover or conversion (including applicances, pipework, and labour) on your quarterly AlintaGas account over 12 months. There are no up-front costs.

Includes free connection to AlintaGas if you are not already a customer (conditions apply).

Hot water system breakdown
AlintaGas makes it east for you to changeover to natural gas - call us on 13 13 58 and they'll organise same day service and replacement i.e. organising an AlintaGas Approved Installer (conditions apply).

If your broken hot water system rund from bottled LPG, AlintaGas can arrange to convert it to AlintaGas, or if you already have a hot water system running on natural gas they can arrange a fast replacement.

Maintenance tips/when to service your HWS.
Storage hot water systems:

Serviced by a gas fitter/installer every 2 years
Every 3-6 months - run the hot water valve (top of HWS) and cold water valver (bottom of HWD) for a ew minutes to clear grit build up.
Every 12 months - take the front panel off the HWS and look at the pilot light. The flame should be burning blue not yellow. If yellow, call a gas fitter authorised to service applicances to do a service (call AlintaGas on 13 13 58 for a list of AlintaGas Approved Installers who can do this for you).
Check the temperature of the water out of the taps is not too hot. Extreme temperature causes wear and tear on the valves and seals.
Service according to manufacturer's instructions.

Instantaneous hot water systems:

Every two years have your hot water system serviced by a gas fitter authorised to service applicances. He/she will check the diaphragms and valves inside the system.
Service according to manufacturers' instructions.