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The Eurogem range of cleaning appliances combines super heated, pressurised steam cleaning with an incredibly efficient water filtration vacuum, so it really does reduce your cleaning time. It also cleans more effectively than the old fashioned methods and, in a lot of cases, does jobs old style cleaning just can't handle.

The continuous jet of steam softens the binding agents that trap dirt, allowing the high pressure blast to dislodge the particles while the vacuum sucks up the residue. And because the steam is at such a high temperature, it kills germs, bacteria and bugs, sanitising every surface you clean and all without the use of chemicals.

On tiles and grout, the Eurogem steam with vacuum outperforms any other common method. And by vacuuming while you clean, maintaining your floor will only take you half the time.

On carpets, the Eurogem TR7 has four levels of cleaning from spot removal to deep cleaning. Its power head lifts heavy particles of dirt from deep within the carpet fibres and it's also great for getting rid of pet hair. And the filtration ability of the Eurogem steam with vacuum outperforms many high priced vacuums. Even minute particles of dust to be trapped in the water slurry and once finished you just recycle the dirt and water in the garden.

Cleaning glass and polished surfaces and sanitising mattresses, curtains, upholstery, ovens, bathrooms, bench tops and fridges, has never been safer or simpler.

The superior efficiency of combining a steam cleaner with a powerful vacuum makes any cleaning task around the home quicker and easier than ever before. These innovative Italian-made appliances use what nature has provided to achieve outstanding results whilst truly sustaining our planet.