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There's nothing like going to a supermarket, walking into the fresh produce section, knowing everything is Fresh 4 you, much of it straight from the growers in WA

At ACTION's 'Fresh 4 You' produce section, almost everything is locally grown.

Retro chocolate mousse sugared walnuts with strawberries infused with vanilla olive oil
Serves 4


250gms melted chocolate
2 eggs
500ml semi whipped cream
100gms walnuts
500gms strawberries
100ml olive oil
1 vanilla pod
1 teaspoon castor sugar


Melt chocolate over a double Boiler or microwave until smooth. Whisk eggs until light and frothy, then add melted warm chocolate to egg mix until a paste consistency is reached. Fold though whipped cream until combined, refrigerate. Coat walnuts with sugared water and heat in a nonstick pan until golden and crisp set aside. Place olive oil in the same pan, add sugar and vanilla pod heat gently until sugar dissolves, set aside (do not over heat). Serve mousse with strawberries with walnuts then drizzle with sweet vanilla olive oil.

Another tip! Never let chocolate have any direct contact with the hot water and pick a nice tasting chocolate something with a high cocoa percentage.