Mr. Price

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Open until 6pm today (Saturday 20th August) and 10am - 6pm tomorrow (Sunday 21st August)

Corner of Poole and Treasure Rds
Welshpool WA 6106

If you love bargain prices without sacrificing quality then we've found a place where you can get superb dinnerware at a fraction of the retail price.

Mr. Price's clearance sale is now on!

Basically, one of WA's largest importers of quality dinnerware and crockery is needing to clear warehouse space and is doing this by offloading masses of stock, which would normally bought by the major retailers of Australia, to the bargain hunters of WA.

If a warehouse chock-a-block full of great deals, like for example al 20 piece dinner set for only $19 (not even a dollar a piece!), then you can't miss Mr. Price's clearance sale.

You'll find all sorts of dinnerware and crockery and as far as variety goes you're spoilt for choice. Whether you like it loud and bright, something a little more traditional, something different or simply something beautiful. You'll be guaranteed of one thing, a bargain price!

Mr. Price takes no prisoners, everything here has to be cleared, which is particularly good for us bargain hunters. Many items are leading brands, which you'd usually find in major retail outlets at a much higher price. Brands like the Australian designed 'Living Art' Range and Essence, beautifully made double-glazed, good solid, top quality pieces.

Mr. Price's clearance sale gives you quality at the best price and with only 4 months 'til Christmas it's definitely worth getting along to and grabbing a few bargains!