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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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We've seen recently on HOME in WA, the superb options for you to have a beautiful swimming pool and all the good advice on keeping it in A1 condition at all times.

Today we find about the finishing touches. How to landscape around your pool, your front or back gardens, and yes, the very popular cosy courtyard, to make your summer entertaining so much more enjoyable

Paved and tiled surfaces are a popular option for low-maintenance lifestyles and the new paving products available from Fremantle Stone are comfortable to walk on in both summer and winter.

Fremantle Stone is a Western Australian owned company that prides itself in continual development. Their superb products come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and can be used to enhance the appearance of any outdoor setting - and some indoor settings too.

State-of-the-art, uniquely designed machinery has put Fremantle Stone right at the cutting edge of production. The entire range is manufactured using the finest grade of limestone, with colours that are infused right through the paver.

The pavers are extremely high density and water-proofing compounds introduced into the manufacturing process, ensures they're even more durable and practical.

Fremantle Stone pavers are ideal around pools where they can be used to emphasise varying levels, create stepping areas around gardens, as well as linking the pool area to other outdoor entertainment areas and even continue the theme into your home.

There is a range of nine colours to suit every décor, with three neutral shades, three shades of terracotta, plus charcoal, silver-grey and salmon. And there's a choice of three textures rough; smooth and sophisticated; and a marble-like finish.

The company is now also importing superb granite products - elegant pavers, large fountains, rotating globes and décor items to further complement your landscaping

See the full Fremantle Stone range at 139 Barrington Street in Bibra Lake; check out Stand 59 at Home Base Expo in Subiaco or phone 1800 247 110