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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



Eclipse Flooring and Blinds is a WA owned business which has been laying floors and hanging blinds in Western Australian homes for 12 years.

Now of course being Eclipse Flooring and Blinds you will find a whole lot of blinds and flooring options for your home, so their showrooms are definitely worth getting along to. However, on Home in WA this time we had a good look at one of the newer products at Eclipse and that's Pre-finished Timber Flooring.

So what is pre-finished timber flooring? Well to start with, there are basically 4 types for timber flooring options. There's Laminate which is actually not timber, of course, but a hard durable photographic surface bonded to a fibre board core. Then you have Floating Timber Flooring, which is a thinner wood surface fixed to pine ply core board. Next there's the good old-fashioned Solid Timber Flooring and the latest leap from this is of course the Pre-finished Timber Flooring.

Pre-Finished Timber Flooring, like the name suggests is a solid timber flooring product that is pre lacquered in either a satin or gloss finish. In being pre-lacquered, the time it takes for you to use your new floor after it's been installed is vastly reduced compared to traditional solid timber flooring. For instance a 25 square metre area of Solid Timber Flooring can take days to install, as time is needed not only for the laying of the flooring, but also for the lacquer to be applied and then dried before you can move on to your new floor. In contrast the same size area of Pre-Finished Timber Flooring can be laid in a morning and you can be using it that same night.

Eclipse Flooring and Blinds Pre-finished Timber Flooring also comes in a variety of different timbers - Merbau, Beech, Pacific Brushbox, White Oak, Kempass and soon, Jarrah.

The friendly team at Eclipse aim to make your flooring experience an easy one. They have streamlined the flooring process to ensure that you get the maximum benefits while using the minimum amount of your time. If you are a master at DIY Eclipse even supply a DIY video to help you through your installation process.

Eclipse Flooring and Blinds can supply everything from start to finish. As the manufacturer, retailer and installer, Eclipse can guarantee the quality of their flooring from the mill to your home. Their flooring specialists will leave a statement in you home that will look amazing for many years to come.

So if you're looking for solid timber flooring for your home with the convenience of being able to lay and live on straight away without having to wait for lacquers to dry, make sure you have a look at Eclipse Flooring and Blinds Pre-finished Timber Flooring. You'll find it on display at the Eclipse showrooms.