Euroflex - The Monster Cleaner ‘SC 45 Plus’

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Steve Montgomeny



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The Monster Cleaner 'SC 45 Plus' is part of the Euroflex range of cleaning products. Euroflex's aim is to make housework revolutionarily simple.

The Monster Cleaner works by producing a hot, dry steam jet which is used in place of harsh chemicals to clean your home. The 'hospital strength' steam sanitizes while you clean; killing bacteria, mould, fungal spores and dust mites, eliminating allergy-causing toxins from your home. So it's not only ideal for allergy sufferers but being chemical free it's great for the environment!

Now we've got to say it's very user friendly easy to move around and operate.
It's surprisingly light weight as well. And it's cleaning fantastically!!! Plus while you're cleaning you'll notice the water level will drop as it's turned to steam – but you don't need to stop, you can just top it up and you'll have hours and hours of continuous steam.

The hot vapour jet leaves no chemical residue and is able to lift dirt particles from surfaces in seconds –far quicker than chemical products…which is what I like to hear, less effort and scrubbing becomes a thing of the past

The Monster Cleaner 'SC 45 Plus' even comes with an optional steam iron attachment cutting time spent ironing in half and giving a professional finish!

So, the Monster Cleaner makes the cleaning process a lot less time consuming, it not only eliminates dirt but with the added benefit of sterilisation gets rid of all those microscopic organisms that multiply where there is dirt and it does this in the most natural way possible!

If you'd like your next monster cleaning job to be a lot less err…monstrous! Call Euroflex Australia on 9302 2526 and get a Monster Cleaner 'SC 45 Plus' to work…so you don't have to!